Get a New Look at Half-Life: Alyx with These Gameplay Trailers

Valve has released three new gameplay trailers for Half-Life: Alyx, showing off the game's combat, movement mechanics, and more.

Half-Life fans have been waiting for a new entry for what feels like ages, but in just a few weeks, they'll get one in Half-Life: Alyx. Though we've known about the existence of the virtual reality prequel to Half-Life 2 for a while, we didn't know too much about its gameplay. 

Now, Valve has pulled back the curtain just a bit with three brand-new gameplay trailers. Each shows Alyx in various stages of her journey through City 17. 

The first trailer, which can be seen above, sees Alyx make her way through a subway station crawling with zombies. She gets her hands on a pistol and quickly kills two (of many more) enemies.

Here, the game's teleportation mechanics are shown, as well as how players will be able to interact with the environment with and without the Gravity Gloves, such as by removing boards blocking a pathway, pulling doors off lockers, or grabbing objects from a distance. Players can even empty buckets to search the contents inside.

This section is important, though, because the game's upgrade system makes a fleeting appearance, with Alyx upgrading her starting gun. Upgrades such as Reflex Sight, Bullet Reservoir, Burst Fire, and Laser Sight are available, and each has a listed Resin cost. 

Valve also shows off the game's health-upgrade system here, as well as the gross little test-tube critters players will have to gather to use it. 

The second gameplay trailer starts out with what looks like Alyx solving a hacking puzzle to unlock a door with a grotesque figure on the other side. Quickly, we see Alyx use an explosive and interact with a Xen before dispatching another zombie and it's accompanying headcrab. 

This video also shows that power packs will be needed to traverse certain areas or to call elevators, and some enemies will try to devour them before Alyx can use them.  

The trailer ends with Alyx ascending into the city itself. 

Now in the city proper, Alyx contends with Combine soldiers patrolling the deserted streets. She uses stealth to gain the element of surprise before blowing up a tank on a soldier's back. A firefight ensues, and Alyx opens a car to block incoming fire. It's a neat wrinkle that holds a wealth of possibility for the rest of the game.   

This trailer also further emphasizes the player's ability to uncover secrets and items, something that isn't always possible in VR. Alyx can knock over buckets to find items inside, or open a toilet lid to fetch something in the grimness below. 

It also highlights the frenetic quality of the game's combat once it gets going. Alyx must use the environment to her advantage while fighting Combine soldiers, ducking behind walls and traversing ladders to get to high ground. Grenades can be thrown back, too, adding another layer of complexity. 


Half-Life: Alyx is set to release on March 23 for the PC. It will be compatible with all VR headsets, including the Valve Index, the HTC Vive, the Oculus Rift, and Windows Mixed Reality. 


Published Mar. 3rd 2020

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