Warhammer 40K: Darktide 1.0.20 Patch Update, The Signal Out Now

Warhammer 40K: Darktide's new patch and content drop are live, bringing new weapons, maps, and more.

A little over two weeks since its release on PC and Xbox platforms, Warhammer 40K: Darktide has received its first Content Drop alongside patch update 1.0.20. Fatshark announced the release following a slight delay from December 14 to December 15. And now we know exactly what's included. 

First up is The Signal, Darktide's first Content Drop. You can expect to find a new mission, two new weapons, a new condition in Hunting Grounds, and private play. Perhaps the most anticipated addition comes in the form of the crafting system, which allows perk rerolling for weapons and Curios through the Refine Item feature, which can be found at the Shrine of the Omnissiah.  

The two new maps include Comms-Plex 154/2f, which tasks "you and your strike team to gain access to the Comms-plex", and HL-19-24 Archivum, where you'll need to reach the roof and " transmit a message to your allies in the Imperium". 

Ogryns will find more ways to smash with the one-handed Achlys Mk I Power Maul, while Zealots can purge Scabs and other enemies with the Indignatus MK IVe Crusher. And to everyone's utter delight, more Pox Hounds will appear in Hunting Grounds (go ahead and press F now). 

On top of that, the 1.0.20 patch update brings a number of tweaks to Darktide as a whole, including quality of life updates, performance and stability fixes, weapons changes, and much more. Unfortunately, there's no mention of emotes in the latest release. 

Pop over here to see the full patch notes rundown for the 1.0.20 patch update and The Signal content drop. The team is still hard at work looking for answers to things like error codes 4008 and 2007, as well as GPU crashes and issues with Twitch Drops, so stay tuned for more. 

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Published Dec. 15th 2022

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