Far Cry Primal UNLISTED Story Trailer Revealed

In a recent email blast, Ubisoft has revealed the story trailer for Far Cry Primal.

The Far Cry Primal trailer above was released to email subscribers earlier tonight. Dubbed the "Takkar Trailer", this story trailer does not disappoint.

After nearly two minutes of non-stop action - mostly killing - we can glean that the game will be absolutely brutal. In the first few frames, the player is drinking from a concoction of eyeballs and other nastiness, given by what seems to be a mystical shaman. 

Far Cry Primal is the first game in the series to drop out of the modern age, taking on a pre-historic setting instead. The game will have players lead their tribe through the savagery of the land "of epic beauty", battling the evil Udam tribe lead by a monstrous man by the name of Ull. It is unclear if Ull will be the major enemy in the game or if he will be a misdirect like [SPOILER] Vaas in Far Cry 3

After Ull threatens to feed us to his cannibal tribe, we see a host of quick clips. Sabertooth cats eating people alive, a middle-aged woman screaming into the night, a roaming tribe (presumably the player's), some ritualistic images featuring the shaman, other interestingly dressed characters, and more.

A more in-depth trailer breakdown will be posted on GameSkinny very soon, but for now we know: this isn't your grandma's Far Cry.


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Published Jan. 21st 2016
  • Pierre Fouquet
    Featured Correspondent
    It looks a bit like a meh Turok spiritual sequel... you know I'm so "I don't care" about the AAA space I only really want Uncharted 4... Mirror's Edge Catalyst I might get if I can stomach Origin... and if the reviews are positive enough.
  • BlackTideTV
    I think it looks pretty good. Sure it might follow the outline of previous Far Cry games, but what do you expect it to do? It is a Far Cry game after-all.

    I'm excited for a few more AAA games than you, but I still have enough catching up to do on last years' releases.

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