The 3 Craziest Pieces of Nier: Automata Fan Fiction You Need to Read

A collection of the most intense fan fiction pieces around for the hit released by Square-Enix and Platinum Games.

Square-Enix is taking charge for once, as it recognized the surprise success of action-heavy sequel, NieR: Automata, promising an expansion content that will be loaded with plenty of fan service for players to sink their teeth into with new costume and characters to enjoy later this May.

Surprising no one though is the fevered demand for more of the dystopian world that the YoRHa force is fighting to reclaim, leading to gamers to take to their keyboard, and offer their own spin on the narrative of Sci-Fi drama.

And well, while some of them are really bad (and really gross) there have been some gems that are just so fascinatingly weird that you can’t help but think as to what inspired them to even come to be; like, some of these made me question as to whether or not we even played the same game.

Here are three that you should check out, and if it was already clear by now, some of these are NSFW, and a lot of them reference significant plot details to the endgame and conclusions of NieR: Automata so tread carefully.

 NierR Automata: Vague Hope

Robot erotica is surprisingly easy when the cast of humanoid automatons are built around every anatomical perception of physical beauty that you can think of. So naturally, it’s low-hanging fruit of the NieR: Automata fan base to gorge on in their creative musings about the game. Still, there’s one piece that stood out not because it was wacky or gross, but it wasn’t that bad at what it was it was trying to do.

Picking up on the theme of the androids struggling with the human element within their composition, NierR Automata: Vague Hope is a story by TTY7 where the author tries to examine the romantic tension between the android soldiers in a love story that’s oddly reminiscent of The Blue Lagoon. The story is only 4 chapters long, and it's well written for what it aims to do.

 The NieR Automata - One Shot Collection

Remember how weird it in James Cameron’s Avatar when we found out that the blue people the film centered around did the nasty by touching antennae with each other—this next story gets a little liberal with its adaptation around coitus and well, it’s certainly something. The NieR Automata - One Shot Collection by Samrit is another sultry tale of the budding relationship between 2B and 9S, and with a somewhat more direct approach to its erotica.

The story gets inventive with the lore of the game that was once used in a war narrative now gets an entirely different context, like the Plug-ins adapter that are once used to enhance 2B’s combat abilities, for instance, get an entirely different use that’s…well, I’ll let you read that part and find out for yourself. The Collection is still being updated with additional chapters, in case you’re still invested on where the story leaves off on, and it’ll be posted on at some point in the near future.

 NieR Automata: The Last Dream

This one serves up the most wholesome fan service as it works to tie up the connection between the original NieR, and NieR: Automata which admittedly, I’m still a bit bummed myself that the continuity between the two isn’t very fluid. NieR Automata: The Last Dream by author 336 examines the events of a specific ending 2010’s NieR, and does what it can to tie it up with a series of events that led up to the android’s uprising against the machine in Nier: Automata. Featuring an original protagonist with motivations of his own in uncovering the truth, the story does a pretty solid job of connecting the dots in a way that translates fairly well into the presumed logic of the franchise’s world.

The story does get into some spoiler territory for the original in case you haven’t finished it and care to do so on your own terms, but if that isn’t stopping you, then I suggest give series a read. The direction of The Last Dream actually gives something back to players who invested time in both titles with content that’s arguably more meaningful than some dumb character cameos that came up in Nier: Automata.


These are just the tip of the iceberg, as there’s a lot more to uncover in the droves upon droves of material that’s being shared about the 2B, and her companion 9S, just bear in mind that if this is a road that you’re interested in exploring further, you’re going to have to prepare for some really cringe-worthy stuff along the way.


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Published Apr. 23rd 2017

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