Crackdown 3 to have 100% destructible environments

Crackdown 3 promises a completely destructible environment in its multiplayer experience at Gamescom.

At Gamescom earlier today, Microsoft announced that Crackdown 3, the first of the game's franchises to arrive on Xbox One, will include a completely breakable environment. The cityscape will be 100% destructible, ranging from the buildings to bridges. The developers, Reagent Games, are referring to this game as "the ultimate sandbox experience."

The announcement video also included details regarding the plot and gameplay behind Crackdown 3. It will be set inside a once-bustling, futuristic metropolis which has been caught in the grip of a dangerous crime wave.

The major criminals within the city will be interlinked through connections across the map, with the player having the choice of how they go about taking down this expansive hierarchy of evil.

The 100% destructible environments come as part of the online multiplayer experience, in a similar fashion to Battlefield Hardline. Players will tap into the Microsoft Cloud to play with 20 times the computational power of a sole Xbox One, allowing for the city to fall apart at the will of the player. The demo footage was a sight to behold, as half-cyborg police officers fired rockets and bullets across the map, causing dominos to topple with ease.

Crackdown 3 will also include transformable vehicles to race around the streets. The footage for the first look was taken from the pre-alpha build, with the sequel set to be released sometime in 2016.

This preview is unquestionably whetting the appetite for fans of the series, which began with the original Crackdown in 2007, and the teaser is exciting those with a love of destruction and explosions. Hopefully, the plot and gameplay lives up to the visuals presented in this prelude; Xbox gamers may have a new favorite exclusive on the horizon.


Published Aug. 4th 2015

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