Fallout 4: Everything We Know So Far

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The crafting system is epic

There are 50 base weapons in Fallout 4 and 700 weapon mods that you can customize them with. These modifications are created with the endless amount of junk you find out in the wasteland.

Unlike previous Fallouts, everything you pick up now can be used in one way or another. All this stuff can be taken apart or combined to create a modification for your weapons. And it's not just your armaments that can be altered, you're even able to make modifications to your power armour; so get ready to create a flying death-tank that fires mini-nukes.

Bethesda are trying to making crafting a much deeper experience this time around, with your character even having a layered armour system. But it's not just guns and armour that can be crafted, there's also the biggest new addition to the Fallout games........

Published Jun. 15th 2015

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