Fallout 4: Everything We Know So Far

The character customization is awesome

I've played RPG's before, I know how character facial customization works...now, where are my slide bars? There are none! What madness is this! 

Yes, rather than use the oh-so-common, typical avatar creation tools, your Fallout 4 character's looks are moulded by dragging and re-sizing each individual facial part - no sliders to be seen. And the other big change? You're able to take on the female role in this husband and wife team, should you wish to. The couple's baby will even bare a resemblance to the parents you create, doubtlessly leading to many comically oversized appendages.

The game also introduces a mechanic that has occasionally been seen in other titles, but not memorably so. In this Fallout, over 1000 of the most common names have been recorded into the dialogue; meaning if you have used one, other characters will speak it when talking to you. Excellent news! Unless you're called Agamemnon, or something. 

Published Jun. 15th 2015

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