Fallout 4: Everything We Know So Far

There's a Pip-Boy companion App

Todd Howard hit the nail on the head when he described the majority of game companion apps as being "usually stupid gimmicks". So will the Pip-Boy companion that is being released for Fallout 4 be the one to really break this trend? Howard seems to think so, as, in his words, it's "the best f**king one I've seen." Although he's always going to say that. 

The same code that is used for the Pip-Boy in the game is used in this app, and it's compatible with all platforms; but the thing that's got a lot of people hot under the collar is the prospect of using the 'real-life' Pip-Boy that comes as part of the collector's edition pack. This device will enable you to slide your iPhone inside, creating your very own Personal Information Processor to wear on your wrist. The Fallout 4 special edition will retail at $120, but remember - it's not actually a real Pip-boy.


Published Jun. 15th 2015

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