NieR Reincarnation Trailer Highlights The Cage, New Gameplay

A new NieR Reincarnation trailer gives us a look at The Cage, while Square Enix provides some details on key NieR Reincarnation characters.

Square Enix announced NieR: Reincarnation (or Re[in]carnation if you want to get technical) for mobile devices a few months back. After near total silence since then, we're finally getting a first look at Reincarnation's gameplay and characters by way of a new trailer.

The information comes from the official NieR Reincarnation website, as translated by Sal Romano of Gematsu.

The protagonist so far doesn't have a name. She's just "Girl in White," a lost girl who wakes up on the stone floor of what's called The Cage, a huge structure built by an unknown architect. The girl must travel to the top of The Cage to "reclaim what was lost and atone for her sins."

She's not alone on her journey through The Cage's myriad environments. Acting as her guide is a mysterious ghost-shaped creature that calls itself Mama, which the Reincarnation website describes as mischievous, frequently messing with decorations in the environment or stopping the journey to appreciate the scenery.

Finally is Dark Monster, a creature shaped like a bug in knight's armor, but with unknown goals and purposes.

All this info accompanies the new NieR Reincarnation trailer showing the gameplay in action. It gives a look at some of The Cage's different environments, snippets of the battle system, and some intriguing 2D side-scrolling segments that swap art styles for something akin to classical Japanese ukiyo-e style.

But we'll have to wait to find out more, including a NieR Reincarnation release date.

The original story is over on Gematsu if you want to check it out. There's an open beta planned for the end of this month in Japan, and NieR Replicant is still in the works as well. Hopefully, we'll hear more about both projects soon, so stay tuned to GameSkinny for more NieR Reincarnation news as it develops.


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Published Jul. 13th 2020

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