Resident Evil 4: Ultimate HD Edition Announced for PC

Resident Evil 4 may finally get the PC port it deserves come late February.

After nearly ten years without a good PC port, Resident Evil 4, the game that redefined both horror games and the third-person shooter genre, is receiving an HD port for Windows come February 28, 2014, Capcom announced yesterday.

Originally an exclusive on the Gamecube and later ported to practically every console made since, Resident Evil 4's PC port was riddled with poor controller support, leaving it mostly ignored by gamers. The HD game will boast keyboard and mouse support, full controller support, 60fps, and bonus content from the original game. Those who pre-order will receive a digital artbook and a digital soundtrack. At a mere $20, this port costs significantly less than the most recent Resident Evil port, Resident Evil: Revelations, which is a full-priced title after being ported from the 3DS.

The game hardly looks HD judging from the screenshots, but for those who never got a chance to enjoy the original or those who just wish to relive their favorite Resident Evil moments, Resident Evil 4: Ultimate HD Edition for PC may prove to be a worthy investment.

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Published Jan. 22nd 2014

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