Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon

Luigi must save Evershade Valley from being terrorized by ghosts, again!

Nintendo has created an amazingly fun game called Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon for the 3DS. Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon is the action packed, ghost infested sequel to Luigi's Mansion for the Gamecube. In the game, Luigi has once again been called to help Professor E. Gadd when the Dark Moon has mysteriously been broken into pieces and all the ghosts have gone crazy.

In Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon, Luigi has a new and improved Poltergust 5000 and other new gadgets to help him catch ghosts. Now catching ghosts might sound scary, but its actually really easy! You just stun them with your flashlight and then suck them up with the Poltergust 5000. Easy and fun, but some of the ghosts have discovered a way to hide from the stunning powers of your flash light by hiding behind objects like shovels or sunglasses. To deal with these, you either sneak up behind them and stun them or suck up the sunglasses and then stun them. Now just because catching the ghosts might not be too hard does not mean this game is easy to beat. Along with catching ghosts, Luigi must find pieces of the Dark Moon, solve puzzles, and discover who is behind the craziness that is going on in Evershade Valley.

Along with new gadgets there are also new ghosts who's favorite sport is scaring poor Luigi. There are ghosts that levitate objects, hide in objects, spew paranormal goo, and sneak up behind Luigi just to scream BOO! All in all, this game is funny and entertaining for the entire family.

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Luigi must save Evershade Valley from being terrorized by ghosts, again!


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Published Aug. 15th 2013
  • Synzer
    Guide Editor
    I love this game. I would recommend anyone who liked the original, Nintendo, or just fun games in general to try this game.

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