Mega Metagross... MEGAGROSS!

Mega Metagross coming to Pokemon ORAS!

Attention Pokémon Trainers, prepare to nickname your Beldums Megagross, because at level 45, it will have a Mega Evolution!

Serebii has released photos from the latest CoroCoro leak. It appears that Steven will be using a "Mega Brooch" against us in battle. The direct quote from Serebii reads:
"Steven Mega Evolves Metagross using the Mega Brooch and the scan references the fact that there are different Pokémon in Hoenn than before More details are to come."

For those of you aren't familiar with this character, you will be. I don't want to spoil his role, but it is mega (pun intended) important, so be excited. I know many of us are expecting more Hoenn Megas to be announced.

Ever since Mega Evolutions were born, players have anxiously hoped for their favourite Pokémon to get their own special, super-powered form. The long anticipated Hoenn remakes have mixed nostalgia with innovation, just as the previous remakes have. Keep doing your thing, Pokémon. (And have a Mega Flygon soon too, please). 

This news, along with the Super-Secret Bases news, only make the wait for November feel longer. Look out for details on Mega Metagross and possibly other new Megas later this week! 

Published Jul. 10th 2014

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