Exiled? More Like I Found Home!

Path of Exile proves to be one unique game!

Live a little and take a walk on the dark side; no, forget that, go a bit deeper and sink yourself into the life of an exile.

Path of Exile is a Free to play MMORPG. Right about now you may be groaning inside: 'UGH another MMORPG?' But unlike any other MMORPG that I know of, the game itself is different. But more on that later--first let's look into a bit of the story of Path of Exile(PoE).

The basics of the story are that you have been kicked out of civilization and sent to Wraeclast. Wraeclast is a vicious place, and bless any poor soul who isn't equipped with the skills needed to fight.  At the start you wash up on Wraeclast and must find your way to town after killing a boss.  The game currently has Hardcore league and default league. In default league, you can die and nothing happens to you, but in Hardcore if you die you are automatically sent to Default league and can not talk with anyone in Hardcore.

Currently there are six classes that you can play, and for each class there is no set build or tree you have to follow. The trees are MASSIVE. There are tons of ways to build, so that your build is unique and special.

In Path of Exile, if you ask for someone to give you gold, believe me you will be getting a look.

For what is gold? The game reverts back  to the stone age, where you barter. Coinage does not exist.  And the class system takes a similar approach to other MMORPGs, where you have three stats; Dexterity, Strength and Intelligence. Three of the six classes are purely Dex, Str,and Int, while the other three are hybrids.

The skill tree gives various buffs to your skills which are used by skill gems short of like FATE socket system. Except the gems level up as you use them. The Amour acts as a shield, which displays a blue circle around the HP indicator at the corner of the screen, and shrinks as you take damage

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Path of Exile proves to be one unique game!


Published Apr. 30th 2013

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