Hot Pepper Gaming: YouTube's Next Big Gaming Channel

HotPepperGaming is bringing the hotness (and hilarity) to game reviews.

Have you seen this? The video above. Click the play button. I’ll wait…

Did you watch it? If you did then you are probably thinking one of two things, either ‘What did I just watch?’ or ‘Holy crap, that was hilarious!’

This is a new YouTube channel called HotPepperGaming where every week the crew reviews video games, but only after eating an extremely hot pepper. The peppers that have been used so far range from chili peppers to habaneros. The channel was created by founder Vernon Shaw and has gained a huge amount of popularity since its launch in early July. Only two weeks after it launched, the channel gained 5000 subscribers. Since then, the team has gained over 40,000 subscribers and an average of 117,000 views per video.

Be sure to check out their channel because you won't be disappointed! Also, make sure to follow me on here at GameSkinny and keep an eye out this week because we may just have an exclusive interview with Vernon Shaw coming your way!

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Published Dec. 5th 2013
  • EmilyOrange
    Personally I'd rather either watch her panicking or hear the game review because after watching that I learned nothing about Kingdom Hearts. I was way too distracted!

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