Top 15 most frustrating doors in video games

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Doors. Why do they have to get in our way all the time?

Some require solving puzzles to open. Some, death-defying stunts. Others just need a heaping amount of patience.

Here's my list of the most frustrating doors in video games.

Published Aug. 23rd 2015
  • Durinn McFurren
    A door would use power to stay closed if it were being held shut with an electromagnet. For security.
  • Clint Pereira
    Featured Contributor
    Wha-? Bonnie?! Oh. Just a little bunny.

    I didn't know about electromagnetic locks before looking them up now, so thank you for learning me a thing.

    But the fact still remains that electromagnetic locks use less energy than a light bulb. Whatever generator they're using to run this place at night is really feeble.
  • Clint Pereira
    Featured Contributor
    There was also a Legend of Grimrock door puzzle that drove me insane, but it was mostly because I'd lost my mouse and was trying to complete it with my laptop's touchpad. It didn't make the list, but I think it gets an honorable mention.

    Have any frustrating door stories? Feel free to share them here.
  • Gemanoneko
    Hhh. This article cave me a laugh and nostalgia. :)
    Resident Evil doors are the worst... But also the best :)
  • Clint Pereira
    Featured Contributor
    As much grief as I give them, load screens were a necessary evil back then. Capcom did a good job finding a workaround.

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