New Splatoon map arrives tonight!

A new Splatoon map - Flounder Heights - will be arriving today at 7PM PT

Splatoon will be getting a new map tonight called Flounder Heights. This new content patch will bring the official map count to 11 stages, that's 5 maps more than the base game had when it was released in May. The map features an urban layout with multiple low-rise apartment buildings clumped together with a ground-level street connecting them.

 Players will be scaling the apartments in an attempt to get the upper hand on their opponents, as seen in the image above

The apartments seem completely ink-able, so players will have to be careful about not getting splattered by sneaky opponents who have coated their building and try to scale the walls. There are also a number of objects to hide behind, ranging from simple walls to air conditioning units.

 The apartments serve as the centerpiece of the map with a single alleyway dividing the two buildings

According to the Splatoon Tumblr page, Flounder Heights will have a central corridor that players can sneak through, presumably to get behind enemy lines. Once there, players can ambush their unsuspecting opponents, leaving nothing more than an inky mess to clean up... assuming they survive getting through that cramped area without getting splattered on the way.

With the release of Flounder Heights there is only one more map which has been data-mined that has not been released yet - Hammerhead Bridge. When the latter map comes out, Splatoon will have 12 maps on rotation, brining further diversity to this already stellar game.

So what about you, fellow Inklings? Are you ready to battle on the new Flounder Heights map? What do you think a good strategy will be for battling on Flounder Heights based on these images? Leave your ideas in the comments section below!

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Published Aug. 20th 2015

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