Pokemon Rumble World to be Released April 8th

Nintendo officially announces the new free-to-play Pokemon game in their recent Nintendo Direct.

With the domain name for the game being registered earlier this week, it was only a matter of time before the game was officially announced.

Nintendo announced during the Nintendo Direct Wednesday that a new Pokemon game, Pokemon Rumble World, will be released very soon. The game's set to be released on the Nintendo eShop next Wednesday, April 8th. Both Japan and North America will be able to download the free-to-play game on the same day, similar to how the company has been releasing the last two Pokemon games.

Some of the information Nintendo released about the game is:

  • It's free-to-play, but there are items players can buy to play for longer and to speed the game up
  • It features all 719 Pokemon introduced in the series so far
  • In controlling and battling Toy Pokemon, they might join the player as a friend. Adding more Pokemon to their party will boost the player's Adventurer Rank, and with that, unock new products and stages with stronger Pokemon.
  • Mega-Evolution will also be a part of the game, the very first Rumble game to have it since the feature was introduced in Pokemon X & Y.
  • The player's Mii character, as well as Miis from people StreetPassed, will appear in the game as well. This is also a first in the series, allowing the Miis to interact and go on adventures with the Pokemon. 

Pokemon Rumble World is third follow-up to the 2009 Pokemon Rumble, following 2011's Rumble Blast and 2013's Rumble U. It's also Nintendo's second free-to-play Pokemon game on the Nintendo 3DS and eShop, the first being the recently released Pokemon Shuffle.

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Published Jun. 16th 2020

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