Get a Sneak Peak at Nexomon Extinction's Locations, Rare Nexomon

We get a look at three of Nexomon Extinction's locations and some of the rare Nexomon that reside there.

Nexomon: Extinction is out on consoles and PC later this year. After learning a bit about Nexomon's starters a short while ago, we're now getting a look at some of Nexomon Extinction's locations and a handful of rare Nexomon to boot.

New Ignitia

2D, above view of lava area with giant beast skeleton in the middle.

Felclaw evolutions, from kitten to cat. First up is New Ignitia, the fire region. It's a city built at the bottom of a volcano, but rather than New Ignitia being safe and isolated because of that, it's actually vulnerable to Tyrant Nexomon attacks.

On the bright side, you can upgrade your axe there, which is good for mining elemental shards. And you might find the lil' critter shown to the right, Nekpanchi the Fire Nexomon. It's a Mega Rare Nexomon that eventually evolves into Felclaw.


2d, from aboce view of desert area with plants, palms, and huge horned skull.

Rustung evolution, from small floating bot to large clawed armor beast.Solus is a desert region in Nexomon Extinction, full of Mineral Nexomon, mines to explore, and bandits to hopefully not get caught by. Other must-see sites include massive fossils of ancient Nexomon and Lateria, a desert fortress you'll be making your way to during your journey.

On the way, you'll possibly run into Rust, an Uncommon Nexomon. This one uses its steel head to attack foes and will evolve into Rustung eventually.

Frozen Tundra

2D, view from above of Frozen tundra region covered in ice.

Domigator evolutions, from small alligator to large alligator.Finally is the Frozen Tundra, and it should come as no surprise this is an icy region. It's also a very dangerous area, one the Guild won't let tamers into unless they're sufficiently experienced. There are plenty of Water Nexomon capable of turning their opponents to ice, and a location called the Cursed Tower that's somehow able to attract more wild Nexomon than usual.

One standout Nexomon for the Frozen Tundra region is Cruff. It's a Water Nexomon too and starts out looking like a wannabe pirate gator called Cruff before evolving into it's final, definitely-a-pirate form called Domigator.

There's still no solid Nexomon Extinction release date yet, but stay tuned to GameSkinny for more Nexomon Extinction news as it heads our way.


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Published Jul. 16th 2020

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