Terraria 1.2 Trailer Gives Look at Game's Biggest Patch in Action

My hype level is reaching maximum!

You know that Terraria patch? The one with over 1,000 new items, new biomes, features, NPCs, and bosses? It's coming October 1st, and the trailer above solidifies its imminent release!

Just how many new things can you count in the trailer? The number is immense, not to mention that amazing music. I could not be more ready if I wrapped myself in a giant blanket and slept my way to October 1st. I (and the rest of the Terraria community) are just that excited.


Redigit's intention is to take a break after Terraria 1.2 launches because of the amount of time and effort that has gone into this update, as development began at the beginning of this year. After a much-needed vacation he will be working on the 1.3 patch, which (as his forum posts and IRC chats imply) will mostly be focused around bug fixes and some smaller game additions.

The 1.2 patch is looking at us in the face, and soon enough we will be able to lick it all over and call it our own. If you're not ready to put at least another 50 hours into Terraria once 1.2 goes live, you are doing it wrong.

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Published Jun. 4th 2017

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