Surviving Mars Gets New Developer, Free Tourist Update

Abstraction is Surviving Mars' new developer, and there's a good deal of new content in store to celebrate.

Abstraction is Surviving Mars' new developer, Paradox Entertainment has announced, and the studio brings their experience with games such as Mass Effect: Legendary Edition and ARK: Survival Evolved to bear on the red planet colonizing game. To celebrate, Surviving Mars has a free Tourism update for all existing players and the In-Dome building content pack for $4.99.

Surviving Mars' free Tourism update adds a number of fan-requested features to help boost tourist satisfaction. Tourists rate their stay now, and that tourist rating will influence what rewards players get and even whether more tourists book visits in the future.

Fortunately, the Tourism update adds some new features to help improve tourist satisfaction. Completing the Smart Homes research unlocks hotels and even a low gravity amusement part to help tourists enjoy themselves more.

Players can also build a rover safari to give tourists even more options and ensure they leave happy. 

Abstraction developed the In-Dome pack with Surviving Mars modder Silva. It adds a wealth of new building types, including apartments, senior homes, medical centers, a TV workshop, and more.

Paradox and Abstraction also announced a full Surviving Mars expansion scheduled for release later in 2021, though shared no other details on it at this point.


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Published Mar. 15th 2021

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