Batmobile's "Battle Mode" in Arkham Knight Teased

Batman: Arkham Knight's new Batmobile sports a "battle mode" that transforms it from nimble automobile to ballistic powerhouse.

Batman: Arkham Knight may have been delayed until next year but that hasn't done much to diminish the game's marketing momentum.  A teaser trailer showcasing the new Batmobile's "battle mode" has been revealed. The caped crusader's car sports several different types of armaments, ranging from non-lethal riot rounds to surface-to-air missiles and an anti-tank vulcan machine gun.

The new Batmobile in its "Battle Mode"

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The game, and its open-world Gotham city, have been designed around the new Batmobile. Rocksteady is putting a lot of focus on Batman's vehicle of choice, making it a critical part of the game. In addition to its offensive capabilities, players can also launch themselves from the Batmobile and go straight into gliding/grappling around Gotham, drive up walls and even remotely summon the vehicle from anywhere in the city.

The teaser shows all of the weapons in glorious detail but for now they're only on display. A message at the end of the video promises that we'll "see battle mode unleashed at E3" later this week. This year's expo will showcase many highly-anticipated titles and it looks like Arkham Knight will be one of them. Rocksteady has chosen to delay the game's release but are still making sure to stay in the spotlight.

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Published Jun. 3rd 2014
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    And what's the betting now that we'll be asking if it was hyped to much upon release?

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