Tree of Savior 'Exclusive Access' begins on the 29th, for a price

If you're willing to spend a little, Tree of Savior will open to you this month.

You don't have to wait much longer if you ever wanted to relive the days of endlessly grinding on mobs, sitting around talking to players while waiting for a party, or carefully planning your class and skill progression in an MMORPG. Tree of Savior is less than two weeks away, provided you shell out some cash.

Tree of Savior's open beta late last year opened the doors for heaps of players to give Kim Hakkyu and IMC Games' upcoming Ragnarok Online-style MMORPG a shot, but many missed the short application window to get in. And that was probably for the best -- the game's beta servers were so bogged it was barely playable. These unlucky/lucky souls will have a chance to try out the game soon enough with either Exclusive Access, that begins on March 29th, or full release on April 28th.

IMC Games have announced via Steam that Tree of Savior will be entering an 'Exclusive Access' period much along the same lines as other MMO releases, allowing players to purchase access to the Founder's Server earlier than players holding their wallets close to their chests.

Exclusive Access itself is a fairly straightforward affair. You can take a look on the game's Steam Store page, but here are the details for the lazy:

Exclusive Access tiers and benefits

Exclusive Access 1 (Price: $49.99)


  • 650TP (Cash shop money, about a $60 value)
  • 1 60 day Token (Premium membership)
  • Hoglan companion (Costs over 400,000 Silver in-game)
  • 1 Stat Reset Potion
  • 1 Skill Reset Potion
  • Popolion Doll and Hanaming cosmetic accessories

Exclusive Access 2 (Price: $29.99)


  • 380TP
  • 1 30 day Token
  • Popolion Doll cosmetic accessory

Exclusive Access 1 ($9.99)


  • 160TP

These benefits are pretty simple but the pricing is also reasonable considering what the benefits are. The TP bonuses are slightly larger than it would cost to buy TP itself later, as IMC have stated 100TP is about $9. But the real value here is in the early access.

IMC Games initially had a more controversial Exclusive Access plan in mind that featured tiered time entry into the game based on the Exclusive Access tier you purchased. This was scrapped due to community outrage, and for good reason. Just take a look at this thing.

Reminder: Our Tree of Savior is not being published by Nexon

This is something you see a lot of inquiries about because the Korean version of Tree of Savior is published by Nexon, Korean publisher giant and consumer money black hole.

The game's Korean release mortified international fans because of its clearly beta-level state and exorbitant cash shop prices, both presumably due to Nexon's rush to get the game out and appease investors -- as Nexon is oft to do.

IMC Games have assured time and time again that they will be publishing the international version themselves.

Korean developers self-publishing MMORPGs in the international market isn't unheard of, but it is very rare. The last example of this being Dungeon Fighter Online Global's revival under their Korean developer Neople. Dungeon Fighter Online is also published by Nexon in Korea, but its international release died under Nexon after just a few years.

Why Korean MMO developers contracted by Nexon in Korea are going out on a limb and self-publishing internationally is a mystery, but it's not something most can complain about. Community interactions may be a little odd, as seen by Neople on Dungeon Fighter Online's official Facebook and the official Tree of Savior website, but it's a more open and refreshing change from Nexon's silence once they've pushed a game out to market.

It's unlikely the predatory cash shop prices will make their way to the international Tree of Savior release, but the game still isn't totally finished in Korea and it definitely won't be for us either. That's something to keep in mind before throwing money at Exclusive Access, but if you want to get in on the grinding rush early a purchase is basically a must.

(I hope Archers are good now.)

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Published Sep. 1st 2017
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