New Role-playing Game: Ambrov X

Check out this new role-playing game that paints a future world where humans are divided into two subspecies: the Gens and the Simes.

Loreful, an independent video game developer that launched last fall, is creating a new role-playing game called Ambrov X. Aharon Cagle is leading a 15-person team in creating this game. Cagle used to be a marketer, but when he hit 40 he decided to that his love for games was much stronger than his love for marketing. So, he decided to become a video game entrepreneur. 

Cagle is now working with a team of writers, designers, visual artists, voice actors, and animators to bring you Ambrov X

What is Ambrov X?

The game is based on the Sime-Gen Universe novels created by Jacqueline Lichtenberg, which paints a future world where humans are divided into two subspecies: the Gens and the Simes. The story centers on the struggle of co-existence between these two subspecies.

"We're basically taking that story 1,000 years in the future. The humans have learned to live with this genetic catastrophe and are beginning to explore space," Cagle explains.  

Ambrov X will cast players into a distant future where they are leaders of a crew. Their mission is to place space beacons that will allow them to space travel faster than light.

For more information on gameplay features click here

Pre-alpha Version

Check out the video below to hear Cagle talk a little bit more about Ambrov X. The video shows a pre-alpha version of the game; however, Cagle says that the "playable pre-alpha version of the game we've been showing around [is] not necessarily how the game will ultimately look, but it shows the larger vision of what we want to do."

Release Date

Ambrov X is set to release early 2015.  The game will be available on Windows, OS X and Linux through STEAM, and alternate releases for XBox, PS4, Android and iOS will come at a later date.  The game will be released by episodes, which will range from 3–5 hours. 

Do you think this looks like a game you would be interested in checking out? Leave your thoughts with us in the comments below. 

Published Sep. 24th 2013

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