Stellaris Clarke Patch Coming Soon!

Paradox Interactive is nearly finished with the first major patch for Stellaris. Clarke!

Recently, Paradox Interactive released their newest strategy game, Stellaris, to the good folks of Steam. And while it's an extremely enjoyable ride, even the developer feels like the mid-game is lacking.

So they've been working on their first major patch to the game. Say hello to the Clarke update!

While the patch will include many different things, a major target of the Clarke update is the UI, which will now include extra info when things like rivalries and End of Combat windows are displayed. You'll also be able to tell the size of a habitable planet from the galaxy map by hovering over it! Something that will save all of us a lot of time.

Another focus of the patch is to improve the AI, such as fixing the odd responses to galaxy-wide threats sweeping across the map. They'll also handle their populations much more intelligently. We can only hope that will extend to the sector governors as well. You will even be able to adjust how aggressive the AI is using a new option in the Game Details menu.

The last major feature is the ability to write a biography for whatever sort of weird alien empire you come up with. Did your frog people crawl up from the deep oceans of your planet, or perhaps your floating fungoid race descended from the skies to gather building materials after they developed sentience? What do they call their different leaders? It's all up to you now!

If you've already jumped into the game, you can check out our Stellaris guides, including a sector guide, an influence guide, and a list of command codes!


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Published May. 27th 2016

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