Monster Hunter: World Iceborne PC Updates to Align With Console Schedule

Title updates for the PC version of Iceborne will kick off in February, followed by a console sync that will bring all of the versions together.

Following an unpleasant port to PC marred by save overwrite problems, heavy CPU usage issue, and an infinite loading bug, Monster Hunter: World Iceborne is finally starting to see smoother sailing. Notably, Capcom is aiming to bring the PC and console versions together for a title update sync later this year.

Following the launch of the Grand Appreciation Fest event on January 24, new content for the Steam edition of Iceborne will arrive in February with an additional monster and region.

On top of new variant monsters, an April title update will bring the two versions into alignment. At that point, PS4 and Xbox One players will receive events and patches at the same time as the PC crowd.


Capcom additionally launched a patch last week to work on various issues with the PC launch of Iceborne. If you are still experiencing slowdowns and heavy CPU usage with update 10.12.01, the developers currently recommend capping the frame rate to either 60 or 30 by navigating to Options -> Display -> Frame Rate. 

An additional patch is still in the works for more PC fixes and is expected to arrive shortly. Head over here to see our current list of fixes and workarounds for the remaining Iceborne PC bugs.

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Published Jan. 20th 2020

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