11 Nintendo Games We Want on Mobile Devices Right Now

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With the upcoming Super Mario Run now being available for iOS and Android, it has now made GameSkinny consider what other classic Nintendo games would be awesome for iPhone and Android phones.

With Nintendo being synonymous with handheld gaming, owing to the Game Boy device and more recently the DS/3DS, it seems natural that their classic games are available on the go for your phone.

So, what games would we choose to have on our mobile devices, well we’ve handpicked 11 best games that would be awesome for our iPhone or Android phone. In no particular order, here’s the list:


A game originally for the GameCube, back in 2001 this real time strategy game would be a great game for mobile devices.

Captain Olimar crash lands on a mysterious planet and befriends creatures he calls Pikmin. Olimar utilises their abilities to collect the missing parts of his spaceship he lost during the crash. The player has 30 days to recover the pieces and repair the ship and if they fail, Olimar dies from oxygen poisoning. Each of the three kinds of Pikmin has different abilities, such as surviving in water; however, only 100 Pikmin can be on the ground at any one time. The Pikmin protect Olimar from the world’s predators.

If the game was a side scrolling, strategy puzzle and adventure game, with touch screen controls, it would be perfect for mobiles. Players could tap which Pikmin they want to use, then tap to assign them to the direction they need to go in, or which enemy they need to attack.

Super Mario 64

The infamous platformer for the N64, where Mario explored Princess Peach’s castle to save her from Bowser would be an interesting choice, as there are a great deal of missions to choose from.

In the game, the player is free to navigate Mario within the open-world of the environment and discover it without time limits. Mario meets enemies, friends and puzzles along the way. Stars are collected through completing tasks and it’s the stars that unlock parts of the castle.

Mario is able to walk, jump, swim and more by using the game’s controls and the swipe ability for mobile devices would be ideal to continue this.

Mario 64 would work so well for mobile devices -- we think most people want Mario games for every device they have! This could work as an endless runner, with the ability to switch the camera, between the view of behind or sideways to Mario. Players could tap or swipe their phones to perform attacks, jumps, or dodges. 

Donkey Kong: Jungle Beat

Whilst this game may get a few strange looks on the train, as players tap the on-screen bongo drums to control Donkey Kong’s movements, the game would still work great for mobile devices.

Players needed to get as many points (or beats) as possible in order to progress through the game. Beats are obtained by grabbing bananas and players can complete combo moves in order to really rack up the points. Keep up with the beat in order to keep running.

This game would work great for mobile gaming, a fun little game to play for 5 minutes, as the game works well as an endless runner, with the game progressing in difficulty. Tapping on the screen when required will cause Donkey Kong to jump or perform an attack, in addition to keeping up with the beat.

Super Monkey Ball

Controlling a monkey in a transparent ball on a variety of maze like platforms would surely be a great choice for mobile gaming.

One level, for example involved rolling along a raised platform with no sides that got progressively narrower, just for that extra layer of difficulty. Therefore, there is a rhythmic aspect to the game.

As the game is timed, it makes it a really great choice for a mobile device, for quick but fun game play. The phone itself would be used to roll the ball accordingly (with the gyroscope), just like the analog stick in the original game. The most subtle movements of the game would have a direct consequence to the game and hand-eye coordination would be much needed. 

Viewtiful Joe

The side-scrolling beat ‘em up game is an interesting choice for a mobile game, as it’s more simplistic in movement, yet players require a degree of dexterity in combat.

Joe can move left, right, up and down on a fixed 2D path, within a platforming style. Combat consists of fighting multiple enemies simultaneously and Joe can punch, kick and dodge these enemies. Dodging enemies dazes them, which is a great opportunity to then fight back.

The VFX (Viewtiful FX) gauge within the game allows players to attribute super hero powers to Joe for a short period of time, and they also make him immune from attacks.

There is an element of a time management game already within this game, as the VFX Power attacks and coins that allow players to purchase more superior abilities. It would be easy to tap and click on enemies to cause damage, such as a kick or a punch, or perform special actions. Characters would move automatically.


A Nintendo racing game for the mobile market would be a great idea, after all there was a Game Boy version!

In the game, players control a vehicle with the overall objective of beating the other vehicle, whilst avoiding obstacles. Memorising the game track is important to progression in the game. The F-Zero vehicles are designed to hover and ride at high speeds. There are a number of different vehicles, rated A-E, for the body, boost, grip and weight of the vehicle.

As such, this would be a great mobile game, as races would be conducted in short time frames, which is perfect for mobile gaming. The tilt function of the phone would be used, in a left and right direction to steer the vehicle. Keep your finger on the screen to accelerate and take your finger off to decelerate.

1080 Snowboarding

In the upcoming winter months, we consider winter sports, so how about a mobile game where players can control a snowboarder?

Players control a snowboarder using a variety of button combinations, to allow jumps and tricks. It is a third person perspective game, to race or train their snowboarder, or even perform tricks. Players in race mode need to beat the other snowboarders and the difficulty of this can be increased or decreased. Choose the best snowboarder that is suitable for the terrain in order to progress. The tricks mode provides the opportunity to accrue points by making the snowboarder perform tricks. Perfect these and the player will progress.

This is ideal for mobile gaming, with its mixture of gaming styles and training mode keeps players’ interest. The tilt function of the phone would be used not only to turn left or right, but tilt forward to go faster. Players could tap the screen to perform jumps.

Wave Race

A game for the N64 and a successor to F-Zero and is all about jet-skis.

The objective of the game is to beat other racers, whilst successfully manoeuvring the jet-ski around various buoys. There are two different types of buoy, which determine whether they must be passed on the left or right side. Gain speed by passing the buoy correctly and maintaining this allows players to maintain power without any misses.

Players can actually be disqualified from races by leaving the course or the water or missing five buoys in a row.

Honestly, this game for mobile would be addictive as players try to navigate the courses. Tilt the screen to move left and right, but also forward to accelerate and move sharply to avoid those buoys. Tap the screen to perform jumps, or if already in the air, to perform a trick.

Pilot Wings

A perfect game for mobile devices originally developed for the SNES, all about flight simulation.

There are a few flight simulation games out there, such as Pocket Planes but a Nintendo version would be so much more awesome.  

The objective of the game is to pass all the training areas and earn licences based on the difficulty of the level. Players need to complete tasks within a specified time limit, for example flying through floating markers. Points are awarded for the accuracy of the mission and time it took to complete. With success, the player completes the missions and earns the pilots wings.

This would be a great twist on flight mobile games and adding something completely different. The tilts on the phone would be used to move the plane left and right, with forwards and backwards tilting to be used to take off and land.


When out and about, it’s great to experience the arcade experience right there in your hand. And this is definitely true of this game.

This game involves boxer Little Mac fighting his way through the ranks of the Boxing Association. He fights fictional opponents, but his dream is to fight a highly skilled boxer.

Little Mac has a limited repertoire of attacks in comparison and only include left and right jabs, body blows and an uppercut. However, he is able to defend attacks by dodging, ducking and blocking blows. Sadly, Little Mac can be knocked out, but can regain health by standing up.

Players fail the game if Little Mac is unable to stand, or even if he’s knocked out on three consecutive times. Keep Little Mac winning to ensure success in the world rankings.

This game would be great for mobile, as it’s another game that can be picked up and put down easily and has much more game play than an idle game. Use swipe on the screen to dodge left or right, or swipe up to perform a punch. Or even use combo moves including swipes and taps to perform special actions.

The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening

Just like Mario, no list of Nintendo games for mobile platforms would be complete without a Zelda game. Originally a Game Boy game, it would be perfect as it is already used for gaming on the go.

The action -- adventure game focuses on exploration and combat, where the player traverses the overworld of Koholint Island, whilst fighting monsters and exploring underground dungeons. Dungeons become steadily more difficult and feature bosses to defeat. Defeating bosses earns the player one of eight instruments required to complete the game.

The game has an overhead perspective to allow Link to jump and enables side-scrolling. Players can expand abilities with items that are awaiting collection in dungeons. Certain items will unlock previously inaccessible areas and to complete dungeons. Whilst we don’t condone stealing in games (or in real life!) it is fun to steal from the shop and this changes the player’s character name to thief for the rest of the game.

There are also mini quests and side missions, where players can trade too.

It is perfect for mobile and another game that we just want for every device possible. Tap on the screen and Link would walk in that direction. Tapping on enemies, could cause Link to attack that enemy. Tapping and holding Link could charge Link for a super attack.

So, there we have it, 11 classic Nintendo games that would be perfect for mobile gaming platforms. We would absolutely love it if these games actually did exist in the mobile gaming world -- here’s to dreaming that one day they will be.

Let’s see in the comments any other classic Nintendo games you’d like to see come to mobile platforms!

Published Dec. 14th 2016



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