Mirror's Edge Catalyst Is Out Now

Mirror's Edge Catalyst is out today for North America, but Europe has to wait another 2 days.

Mirror's Edge Catalyst is out now for North America, and out in 2 days (June 9) for Europe. It is available on the Xbox One, PS4, and Windows PCs via Origin. 

Mirror's Edge Catalyst sees the return of Faith and the City of Glass, after 8 long years. Mirror's Edge has been rebooted, and so the future events will no longer happen -- which is fine as long as the core gameplay is solid.

Mirror's Edge Catalyst is the origin story of Faith, her rise to one the most badass female in the City of Glass and in video games overall.

The story follows Faith as she is dragged into an anti-conglomerate battle. KrugerSec, headed up by Gabrielle Kruger, as well as Silvine Systems, and Elysium Corp. are the big names in the conglomerate -- the former is all about tech, where the latter is about healthcare and medicine. Then you have The Runners, along with Black November, who are fighting to bring personal freedom back the Cascadia, starting with the City of Glass.

Are you ready to take back your personal freedom from the oppressive clutches of mega-corporations? The City of Glass is yours to liberate now!

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Published Jun. 6th 2016

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