Splatoon 3 Releases Fresh Season With 3.0.0 Update

Splatoon 3 has plenty to get excited about with the Fresh Season. Find all there is to know about the 3.0.0 update here.

Splatoon 3 released new DLC on Febraury 28, 2023, to get ready for the game's new season, bringing players Inkopolis & Side Order. The expansion pass costs $24.99 and is available in Nintendo’s E-shop. The DLC comes with two waves of content.

Inkopolis is out now, giving you a chance to return to Inkopolis and check out the Squid Sisters' concert at the Splatfests. Side Order features a new single-player campaign to dive into.

The Fresh Season for Splatoon 3 is officially here, starting March 1, 2023. It's the game’s third season so far, and there is tons of new free content to explore. You will have to update to Version 3.0.0 to ensure all content is available to you.

Changes in the Fresh Season include

  • 2 new stages: Um’ami Ruins and Manta Maria.
  • Terrain changes have been made in various stages.
  • Ranged weapon damage has been reduced.
  • 2 new special weapons, the Kraken Royale and the Super Chump.
  • 12 new weapon sets.
  • Points required for select weapons have been decreased. 
  • A new King Salmonid, Horrorboros, will be revealed during the next Big Run Event from March 3 at 4 p.m. PT to March 5 at 4 p.m PT. 
  • Players can collect golden eggs during the upcoming Salmon Run event, Eggstra Work.
  • New Season catalog.
  • A Jukebox to play music, found in the Lobby.
  • New and returning items in the shops.
  • New Pool feature added to improve user experience sending notifications to other players.
  • Battle up to 9 friends in Tableturf Battle.
  • Players will be notified when their connection becomes unstable.
  • Splatfest Tees with additional gear abilities will no longer need extra XP to level up.
  • New feature to add all items into your locker at once by pressing the (-) key.

You can find the full Fresh Season patch notes here. Trust us; there's a lot more you'll want to check out. Otherwise, you can stay up to date with tips in the new season at our Splatoon 3 guides page here.


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Published Mar. 1st 2023

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