Paizo, Creators of Pathfinder, Announce Starfinder

A New Science-Fiction Tabletop RPG with a Fantasy Twist.

Starfinder, a new IP created by Paizo, will serve as the sci-fi equivalent to their popular Pathfinder franchise. It's not an entirely new setting though -- this is just the fantasy realm of Golarion, the world where Pathfinder games take place, taken thousands of years into the future. They'll be doing what they can to keep that fantasy feeling though, allowing for swords and sorcery to still be viable in a setting where plasma cannons are also a threat.

According to a post by Creative Director James L. Sutter, this will not just be a one-off product. Paizo fully intends on supporting Starfinder with a monthly Adventure Path, where subscribers receive pre-written adventures on a steady basis, similar to what they do with Pathfinder. The Adventure Path will also include new rules and new monsters to tinker with. It's likely Paizo will end up releasing supplementary rulebooks for Starfinder, though there's no concrete evidence of it yet.

Starfinder will be launching August of 2017.


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Published May. 31st 2016

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