Will We See Another WWII Call of Duty Game Soon?

Possible leaked artwork might confirm the theory of a Call of Duty return to a WWII setting.

After Activision announced to investors that the next Call of Duty would return “back to its roots.” Since the news broke in February, the internet has been buzzing over the possible homecoming of the franchise back to a World War II setting.

Call of Duty, WWII, WW2, CoD

A recent video by YouTuber “TheFamilyVideoGamers” appears to show leaked images of CoD 2017 concept art that may be promotional artwork for the new game to be developed by Sledgehammer Games. The leaked images feature images portraying 1940’s inspired images that appear to be depictions of the Allies landing at Normandy with the title “Call of Duty: WWII.”

Call of Duty, WWII, WW2, CoD

Call of Duty, WWII, WW2, CoD

Publisher Activision has not confirmed if this artwork is, in fact, leaked marketing material. However, there have been hints in the past that Activision may be interested in returning the franchise to WWII. Michael Condrey, Studio Head of Sledgehammer Games, said previously that he was interested in seeing other WWII setting for a new CoD game.

Call of Duty, WWII, WW2, CoD

“I think a next generation game with the latest production values and robustness in a World War II setting like Band of Brothers would be amazing,” Condrey stated in 2014.

Activision CEO Eric Hirshberg later said in a 2015 interview that the idea is “certainly possible” and that:

"There’s definitely a chasing of innovation and new ideas within a well-worn genre that lead people to similar conclusions like changing time periods. And of course I think that opens up the opportunity for what is old is new again.”

Call of Duty, WWII, WW2, CoD

Do you think the artwork is legitimate? Are you interested in seeing another WWII CoD game? Let us know in the comments below!


Published Mar. 30th 2017

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