Payday 2 Adds Mexican Cartel Character

New character comes bearing new weapons in Payday 2.

Today, Overkill Software released a surprise free update for Payday 2 on PC, the "Sangres Character Pack."

Sangres is a moustache-bearing, Hawaiian shirt-wearing Mexican Cartel member who journeyed to America to join the crew.  Overkill's official press release describes the update as such, "We are happy to bring in Sangres, a bad ass mexican with two six shooters worth of attitude."

Sangres will be the 18th playable character in the game, the 14th added post-release and the 10th available for free. With him comes a revolver pistol that is available singular or dual-wield, which boasts high damage and maximum carnage. Sangres also brings a large machete and a Calavera-inspired mask.

As with every character pack, Overkill have also brought in a new perk deck. The Sicario deck allows players to use smoke grenades to enhance their abilities as well as for utilising cover out in the open.

It's too soon to say how this will shake up the game's meta loadouts, but with a free update arriving so unexpectedly soon after the last one, there's not a lot to complain about here.

You can view the official website for more info on the "Sangres Character" Pack.

Published May. 5th 2017

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