Star Fox Zero amiibo functionality detailed

You can unlock some pretty cool Airwings to pilot if you have a Fox or Falco amiibo.

With Star Fox Zero's release coming soon, Nintendo has detailed how amiibo will work in the game.  

If you have a Falco amiibo, you'll unlock a Black Airwing, while swiping a Fox amiibo unlocks a SNES-era Airwing for use in-game -- as seen in the gameplay video below.

While there have been rumors of Nintendo releasing an Airwing amiibo alongside the new game, Star Fox Zero producer Shigeru Miyamoto recently confirmed no such amiibo is in development.  In a recent interview with IGN, Miyamoto had the following to say on the subject:

“Unfortunately, we won’t be releasing an Arwing amiibo.  We did have a few prototypes. There was an Arwing amiibo that transforms into the Walker, but we weren’t able to turn that into a product that could meet safety guidelines for children.”

TL;DR: Miyamoto had ideas for the amiibo he thought would be cool, but Nintendo doesn't want small children hurting themselves on a pointy spaceship.  

Are you going to pick up Star Fox Zero when it launches April 22nd?  Which special Airwing has you most excited?  Are you worried about pointy amiibo and appreciate Nintendo's concern?  Let us know in the comments below!


Published Apr. 10th 2016

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