Rainbow Six Siege has dedicated single player mode, but is it enough?

Rainbow Six attempts to reconnect with fans of single player gameplay. But will it work?

Rainbow Six Siege has been criticized recently for not appealing to fans of the series that prefer single-player gameplay. The developer's response: 11 unique 'situations' to appease fans. 

These are solo modes in which you are given a specific special forces team member (which you can also use online) to complete a particular mission. From the information so far about this game mode, these situations include different objectives, such as eliminating targets and rescuing or defending a hostage. 

All of these missions look quite varied and introduce the player to some of the tools that can be used to their advantage in multiplayer: but surely it doesn't compare to a real campaign?

The exclusion of single-player modes seems to be becoming a common theme recently. There's a very similar issue with the upcoming release of Star Wars Battlefront. An over-emphasis on multiplayer is leaving the single-player fans feeling less represented in these titles. 

The campaign has been the foundation of previous installments in the Rainbow Six series. So it's no surprise that fans are upset there isn't one in the upcoming game. Perhaps the inclusion of this mode will be appreciated and leads to single player enthusiasts purchasing the game. Or perhaps it won't be enough.

The true impact of this strategy will be shown when the game is released and sales are published. 

Rainbow Six Siege is scheduled for launch on December 1st. 

What do you think? Are these "unique situations" enough? Let me know in the comments! 


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Published Oct. 22nd 2015

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