Gift Guide: The Best Gifts for YouTubers and Streamers

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YouTube boasts a following of over one billion people, with most users watching hours upon hours of content created for the site. Furthermore, the popular streaming medium,, boasts 15 million active users daily! These entertainment mediums have become ingrained in our culture and many people use these platforms to replace watching TV.

So, there is a fair chance you know an aspiring YouTuber or streamer trying to make their way in the digital realm. Or, you know someone who has already "made it" and you’re looking for the perfect gift for them. Look no further as our gift guide will present you with the perfect presents for your YouTuber or streaming buddies.


Retro Vintage YouTube Poster

Price: $5.45-$12.28
Buy it on: Etsy

Etsy is a wonderful site to find unique and handcrafted items that suit your interests. This expertly-made poster is a fantastic way to inspire your friend to get up and make some videos. In addition, if they love what they do, then this poster is a great reminder that they have found something that makes their time worthwhile.

Twitchin': The Basics of Twitch Streaming for Beginners

Price: $3.51-$9.99
Buy it on: Amazon

This book is the closest you'll get to a Twitch for dummies. Well it’s a bit nicer than that, but you get the point. This is an ideal item for someone who is starting out in the streaming scene and wants to understand the platform. It can be tricky when you’re learning the ins and outs of something new, so having a guide can be really beneficial. Furthermore, if your friend own a Kindle, or has the app, it cuts the price down to $3.51!


Cell Phone Camera Lens ZPTONE

Price: $11.99
Buy it on: Amazon

We are all aware that vlogging has taken the internet by storm and many YouTubers have already incorporated this style of video into their channel. Your friend could be out in the world and spot a perfect vlogging opportunity, but perhaps they don’t feel their camera is up to the job. This easy clip-on lens can turn a wide variety of devices into a vlogging machine, able to capture more content at a more consistent quality.

Twitch Tumbler Cup

Price: $15
Buy it on: Etsy

Streaming is not the easiest activity in the world -- the constant commentary for hours on end can take its toll while streaming. So, why not invest in a cup sporting the Twitch logo? Streamers can keep themselves hydrated through those five-hour streams while supporting the very platform they use! There is no doubt that this tumbler cup will be useful for anyone who is an avid streamer.


Pac-Man Pinky Ghost Plush

Price: $15.99
Buy it on: Amazon

Nobody likes to be alone all the time, and when you’re streaming or creating videos sometimes it may feel that way. That is why you should gift your friend an adorable desk buddy, like the cute little pink ghost shown above. You can get creative with this and find an item that suits your friends interests and hobbies. Gaming wise, Pac-Man inspired gifts are always a safe bet. Plus they're always super adorable!

Eat, Sleep, YouTube, Repeat Unisex T-Shirt

Price: $19.50
Buy it on: Redbubble

The motto printed on this shirt couldn’t be more adequate in explaining the hectic lives of most YouTubers -- you may have already heard from your favorite channels how much work goes into making one video. The work load can be exhausting, and it's realistic to expect all they have time to do is 'Eat, Sleep, and YouTube.' Also, they may have some very angry subscribers if they're late with content when they don't stick to your schedule. This T-shirt is perfect for your hard-working YouTuber friend.


Glitch Pillow Plush

Price: $25
Buy it on: Amazon

If your friend is going to get thirsty while streaming, then they are definitely going to get uncomfortable. Sitting in the same position for long periods of time is something nobody wants to do. You can make their streaming lives easier with this adorable pillow, so they can stream in style and comfort.

Recon 320 Gaming Headset

Price: $39.95
Buy it on: Turtle Beach

Having a good headset is key to getting the audio on your videos perfect and for fine-tuning the audio on your streams. Even if your friend isn’t a gaming content creator, a good headset goes a long way. This headset focuses on clarity of sound, both in games or in chat. It is easy to set-up and you don’t need to be exceedingly techy to understand how it works.


Razer DeathStalker Keyboard

Price: $43.31
Buy it on: Amazon

Once again, every aspiring YouTuber or Streamer needs good equipment, no matter what content they are creating. This is one of the lower-end Razer keyboards, but all their keyboards are expertly made. Whether you’re editing videos or filming your gaming content, having a good keyboard is key to your success. It would be hard to work without them.

Razer BlackWidow Mercury Edition Keyboard

Price: $149.99
Buy it on: Amazon

The price tag does jump significantly with this piece, but if the person you’re purchasing for is serious about gaming or about their online platform, then this keyboard is perfect. This keyboard offers maximum response times, so you can play your best every single time. However, it does mean if a match doesn’t go well you can’t blame the keyboard.

The most beautiful part about this item is the programmable back-light keys -- so many pretty colors. Side note, if your friend doesn't use Razer than it is best to stick to the equipment brand they use.

There was our gift guide that will suit your YouTuber or streaming buddies perfectly! 

What did you think of the guide? Are there any gifts you think are perfect for content creators? Let us know in the comments!

Published Nov. 12th 2017



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