Dota 2 TI5: Main Event Day 4 in a nutshell

A short recap of Dota 2's The International Main Event Day 4.

Two of the three matches in Day 4 of the Main Event featured the last representatives for the SEAKor and CIS regions. MVP.Phoenix and Virtus.Pro had to carry the weight of their regions on shoulders as they fought for pride on Day 4. All games in Day 4 were played in Lower Bracket in addition to a crowd pleasing 10 vs 10 All-Star match is played with the participation of 10 lucky fans.

Here is the recap of The International Dota 2 Main Event Day 4:

Lower Bracket:

MvP.Phoenix vs Vici Gaming (VG)

VG successfully won the game with the last Korean team in the tournament MvP.Phoenix 0-2. While VG has been inconsistent in their last games, MvP.Phoenix was unable to capitalize. The best-of-three series was heavily favored by VG as they brought spectacular drafts to counter MvP.Phoenix. It was still a good run for MvP.Phoenix for getting this far.

Virtus.Pro vs Secret

Probably the biggest upset in The International 2015. The fan favorite Secret eliminated by Virtus.Pro 2-1. Secret won Game 1 in less than 30 minutes as they played aggressively due to lack of late game heroes. Virtus.Pro fired back in Game 2 as they managed to exploit Secret's full Spell Damage lineup. 

Virtus.Pro managed to win a very intense 55 minutes of Dota 2 in Game 3. Secret did their best to defend their base after losing few important team fights. Eventually, Virtus.Pro exhausted them as Secret ran out of buybacks.


After winning the match with MvP.Phoenix earlier, VG continued their run as they beat their fellow Chinese team EHOME 2-0. A very intense match was played in both games, but the aggressive VG wrecked EHOME.

The All-Star Match: Team Chuan vs Team Notail

Valve was still doing great as hosts, but even more so when they announced lucky fans to join in the All-Star match. 10 lucky fans were chosen from the crowd by team captains from both teams. The surprise didn't stop there as wild Dendi Pudge appeared and a 10 vs 10 Dota 2 matched will now be available in Dota 2 Reborn.

So how did you feel about TI5 Main Event Day 4? Who do you want to see progress? Let us know your thoughts in comment section down below!

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Published Aug. 7th 2015
  • Rothalack
    Master O' Bugs
    Secret wins pretty much every tournament for 6 months or more and then this happens. Just goes to show how intense TI is. That and S4 played horribly, idk what's wrong with him.
  • C Miguel
    Featured Contributor
    Yeah, S4 underperformed his last 2 games but I think all of them doesn't prepared for TI. They quit their last tournament to practice for TI but still the same. Same strat, drafts and plays.

    IIt's more like the Team DK of 2014. An all-star team lost their TI dream. So sad.

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