Prosthetics inspired by Deus Ex Coming Next Year

Deus Ex developers teamed up with start-up Open Bionics to create bionic prosthetic arms inspired by Deus Ex's protagonist.

The protagonist of Deus Ex has become the rather unexpected inspiration for two new designs of prosthetic arms called Titan Arm and Adam Arm. The team involved in the creation of these prosthetics includes Deus Ex developer Eidos Montreal, hardware manufacturer Razer, and 3D-printed prosthetic arm company Open Bionics. Titan Arm and Adam Arm will be available in 2017 at what the creators call an affordable price. The new bionic prosthetics can be virtually experienced through a special webcam called “Stargazer” developed by Razer.

One of the most interesting points of the development is that anyone will be able to access and use these arms. Eidos and Open Bionics will provide all designs and blueprints for the prosthetics entirely royalty-free.  Adults and children alike will be able to use the prosthetics, as it comes in all sizes.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided dropped a new trailer just two weeks ago. The game will release August 23, 2016. Visit the Augmented Future project website for more information on the Deus Ex prosthetic arms.  


Published Jun. 9th 2016

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