Hyrule Warriors To Feature Multiple Playable Characters, Two-Player Co-op

Famitsu article reveals multiple Legend of Zelda characters, including Impa, will be playable.

Hyrule Warriors has been an enigma with only one trailer to its name. That all changed yesterday with a Famitsu article detailing some of the upcoming title's features.

The biggest feature shown was the ability to play as multiple characters other than Link, including Legend of Zelda mainstay Impa. Also of note was how the WiiU Gamepad would be used. In single player it will serve as an inventory menu, but in cooperative play one player can use the Gamepad while the other plays on the TV.

As a long time Dynasty Warriors fan, I was worried that Nintendo would drop the ball and make Hyrule Warriors a single player title. Some of my fondest memories of Dynasty Warriors is rampaging through China racing a friend to 500 men defeated. Now it looks like I can relive those memories in Hyrule.

What characters from the Legend of Zelda franchise would you like to see playable in Hyrule Warriors? Let us know by leaving a comment below.


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Published May. 22nd 2014
  • Ray_7889
    Since it looks like it's kinda in the Ocarina of Time setting I think some of the Sage's should be playable.

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