The Most Engaging Villains in Gaming

Frank Fontaine - BioShock

“Would you kindly?”

While Ryan may be the more memorable of BioShock’s adversaries, Fontaine is the more diabolical of the two. Fontaine deliberately manipulates and deceives you into doing his evil bidding like an overlord’s minion. While he is ultimately out to get Ryan, he is out to get you as well.

Fontaine is the exact opposite of Ryan. While Ryan has ideals and morals, Fontaine has none and is simply trying to accumulate wealth and power, even in the hellish remains of a utopian city. Fontaine gains your trust by appearing as a fellow lost soul in Rapture and giving you helpful advice via the radio, which makes his betrayal all the more unnerving. “Nice work, boyo! It’s time to end this lit­tle mas­quer­ade. There ain’t no ‘Atlas’, kid, never was.” Backstabbing b******. 

Published May. 7th 2015

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