Portal-like Enigma Prison Shows Off Mechanics, More Updates

First major insight into development for Portal-inspired Enigma Prison; wears influences on its sleeve while already shaping up to be its own unique experience.

Brazilian-based 3D artist Gustavo Rios recently posted a slew of updates for his Portal-like pet project Enigma Prison, not to be confused with Portal 2 mod Enigma Protocol.  The new screenshots and videos give us a first look at the primary mechanics, the player character, and the spiffy/eerie research facility the player’s trying to escape.

Rough draft of the main character.

The player will have several toys at their disposal to aide in escaping the labyrinth: namely, a “cube projectile,” a “teleport projectile,” a “clone grenade,” and a remote control drone.  There’s no video yet of the cube projectile in action, so I’m still a bit fuzzy on how it works.  All the other mechanics have at least one little ten-second proof-of-concept clip.  There will also be a fast-travel option, as the game world will be a less linear affair than Portal’s.

Rios’s current mission: designing levels.  Next up: finalize the protagonist’s look, spiff up the UI, and make a logo.

Excited?  Good!  It won’t be here til 2016.  For the full scope of Enigma Prison’s updates, check out its baby Twitter, its IndieDB page, or Rios’s Twitter.

Published Mar. 19th 2015

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