Leadership and Elegance - Kaelryn Silverleaf

The leader of the Order of Ventari shows off her elegant yet versatile lavender dress!

Kaelryn Silverleaf is the leader of the Order of Ventari, a large order of Sylvari focused on spreading Ventari's teachings across Tyria. Being the leader of the Order, Kael's clothing choices must be versatile. Her signature lavender dress is a beautiful example of such an outfit.

As leader of the Order, one of Kaelryn's responsibilities is to lead pilgrimages to the Grove so that foreigners may learn first-hand about Sylvari culture and Ventari's tablet. Her dress, though rather formal in comparison to the traveling clothes of others, is actually perfect for their travels - stylish, but not inconveniencing.

She chooses not to cover her feet, opting instead for vines twisting around her ankles. This choice, paired with the not-quite-floor-length dress, serve to keep her light and nimble, able to lead the pilgrimage through any terrain with sure footing, or to escape harm's way at a moment's notice.

Though Kaelryn spent the first few years of her life living among the humans in Divinity's Reach, she still chooses to remain true to her "roots," (Forgive my awful pun.) by wearing her natural foliage. The petals of her dress are dyed in many shades of purple, and the accenting leaves are green, just like a sprig of lavender. In fact, those who have met her swear that the air around her always carries the calming scent of the purple flower.

"Kaelryn's dress is special because it gives off the fresh scent of lavender when she is happy, soothing the soul of all those around her."

-Rildaan [DooDooBurger.6184]

Want to get the look? You will need...

 -Orchid Helm (Sylvari Cutural Tier 2)

 -Orchid Epaulets (Sylvari Cultural Tier 2)

 -Nightmare Vestments (Twilight Arbor Light)

 -Orchid Gloves (Sylvari Cultura Tier 2)

 -Nightmare Pants (Twilight Arbor Light)

 -Orchid Boots (Sylvari Cultural Tier 2)

 -Evening Grass, Lime, Blurple, Iris Blush, and Purple Breeze dyes


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Published Aug. 4th 2013
  • Ecobahn
    I LOVE THIS LOOK but I'm biased as I do love Sylvari and their armours. Loving the backstory and what you do with your guild/order - that screenshot of you all walking the pilgrimage looks pretty epic.

    The green accent on the armour is perfect, and so is the combination choices. Great work with this one! Loving the creative inspiration of the lavender flower -- you've done it justice.

    ALSO your the first player I've seen EVER to use that staff skin -- its truly sublime, the purple hues on the top work so well with the rest of your character! Good job!
  • Aibreen
    Kaelryn looks awesome! It's a shame that you can't show off all of her other outfits but I do think this is the classiest she has! :)
  • Pallas Athene
    OMG cool
  • Rildaan
    All i have to say is I really love the love the colors of the dress and that it does resemble a lavender bush in a more..fantasy type of way.

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