New Dead Rising 4 Trailer Shows Off Wacky Arsenal

Could this be the most over-the-top entry in the series yet?

On the surface, the Dead Rising seems like your typical zombie video game fare, but anyone who's played the games will tell you that it's far more over-the-top and goofier than you may think. And with this new trailer for the upcoming fourth entry, Capcom seems set on letting you know that it'll be even crazier than usual.

Dead Rising 4 will see Frank West return as the lead and even sees him heading back to Willamette Parkview Mall - the setting of the first game - only to find the place once again swarming with the undead.

While the trailer does show off the usual fare (mowing down hordes of zombies), you can also enjoy hearing Frank's snarky responses to everything around him as he wields all manner of weapons; from traditional shotguns to flamethrowers -- and even a suit of armor that lets him rip things in half. It's as glorious as it sounds.

Dead Rising 4 will be released worldwide this December on Xbox One and PC as a temporary exclusive.


Published Sep. 21st 2016

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