Mass Effect 4 News Released to Celebrate N7 Day

Bioware releases new concept images and announces development team for upcoming Mass Effect Game

To Mass Effect fans everywhere, last Friday, November 7th, was N7 Day - a day to celebrate all things related to Mass Effect. BioWare, the studio behind the Mass Effect games, released new items for purchase on their store website as well as a discount on certain items, which is still going on. 

BioWare also took this opportunity to reveal a little about the next game in the Mass Effect series. A blog post on the BioWare website announced some of the Development Team Leaders who are working on the next Mass Effect, including lead writer Chris Schlerf (also lead writer for Halo 4) and Chris Wynn, who's "worked on over a dozen AAA titles," as a senior development director. 

All of the developers discussed what they hope to bring to the next Mass Effect game, and a few of them introduced some new concept images during a developer roundtable video. 

Several developers really emphasized a greater ability for exploration in the next Mass Effect, which makes sense, considering the recent announcement that the Mako will return in the next game.

Also, according to creative director Mac Walters, the player's character isn't the same type of character as the previous hero, Commander Shepard.

"With Shepard, you arrived on the scene as a hero, and you were called forward from there...For the next Mass Effect, however, we've been looking at more of a hero's journey: how you become a legend and what it takes to get there."

To take a look at all of the concept art BioWare released, head over to the official Mass Effect Facebook page.


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Published Sep. 1st 2017

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