Star Wars Attack Squadron Incoming?

Disney registers some Star Wars domain names.

Disney may be preparing for a new Star Wars video game.  According to a report by Fusible, Disney has registered several domain names including,, and

The domain registrations, while not specific to anything, sure does have that video game name feel.  If it is a video game, it will be among the first batch of new IPs that Disney is undoubtedly planning since its purchase of the Star Wars franchise, including famed game studio LucasArts, from creator George Lucas.

It would be interesting to see what kind of video game Disney would create now that it has control.  Will we see games tailored to adult fans of Star Wars like we see with DICE’s new Star Wars Battlefront, or will Disney use the tried and true method of making games for kids and pre-teens like the popular Clone Wars games.  We can only guess at this point, but we know that Disney can deliver an epic experience for older gamers. Let’s hope that this is one step in that direction.

Here is the full list of domain registrations made by Disney: (WHOIS) (WHOIS) (WHOIS) (WHOIS) (WHOIS) (WHOIS) (WHOIS) (WHOIS) (WHOIS) (WHOIS) (WHOIS) (WHOIS) (WHOIS) (WHOIS) (WHOIS) (WHOIS) (WHOIS) (WHOIS) (WHOIS) (WHOIS) (WHOIS) (WHOIS) (WHOIS) (WHOIS)

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Published Jul. 27th 2013
  • Austere Wizard
    Interesting news! Personally, I'm very excited for the new Battlefront but I'll definitely keep my eyes on what Disney does.

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