5 Square Enix RPGs We Want on the Nintendo Switch

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I don’t know if you guys heard, but Nintendo just released some hard sales numbers for the Switch since launch, and the saying the figures are impressive would be an understatement. The company has confirmed that more than 906,000 systems have been sold in the month of March, breaking the Wii’s record for the fastest selling Nintendo console in the brand’s history.

With all those machines in the hands of so many gamers, Nintendo has been given a second chance to capitalize on an install base larger enough to foster some new faith among third-party brands to bring their games to the new machine. What company better to extend that olive branch to then the one publisher that only released a single game onto the Wii U within its entire run in the states—the Japanese powerhouse, Square-Enix.

Square has already had a history of estrangement with the Big N, and the fact that these two have kept their fences mended well enough to for their handheld division of titles is a miracle that we can all breathe a sigh of relief for, but now things are different. The team of developers under Square’s employ is currently preparing a new exclusive for Nintendo’s flagship platform titled Project Octopath Traveler and they’ve already ported over the classic JRPG tribute game, I Am Setsuna, over to the Nintendo eShop, why not release even more onto the console/portable hybrid while the system is still white hot?

Here are some choice-cuts from the publisher’s library of work that deserve a home on the Switch.

Published Apr. 15th 2017

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