5 Square Enix RPGs We Want on the Nintendo Switch

Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles

The first game to come out of Square-Enix and Nintendo playing nice again after their near decade-long fallout, was a criminally underrated spinoff by the name of Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles. The multiplayer-focused action RPG found a cult following among fans who’ve played it, but admittedly struggled to catch on with the gaming mainstream because of the limited ease of accessibility from its stringent peripheral connection requirement with the GameBoy Advance.

The series has since spawned a few sequels on the Wii that placed their own spin on the multiplayer formula, but it never really went the placed that it should, and is assumedly on a quiet sabbatical at the moment; The Switch is the perfect platform to host the comeback for the game. Going back to the RPG Spin-off’s roots, the portability of the console makes it a much more intuitive outlet for the second screen multiplayer dynamic. The new Nintendo system can grant the opportunity for players to play on the go, or cooperatively on a couch on the big screen with one unit docked on the TV, while the other players hold their Nintendo Switch in hand.

The formula of Crystal Chronicles has always been a bit more ambitious than the tech that supported it could honestly handle, but the Switch is an entirely different beast that could finally do its novel gameplay justice.

Published Apr. 15th 2017

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