Gamer Gift Guide: Custom Handmade Merchandise

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Let's be real: finding the perfect gift for the gamer(s) in your life can be a struggle and a half, especially when they've gone out and bought most of the games on their wishlist themselves. Even when this isn't the case, it isn't as if we have every gamer's library tucked away in our memory somewhere. The solution to this problem? Build off the gamer's favorites by adding merchandise to their collection.

I'm going to take this solution one step further. Mass produced video game merchandise tends to run on the shoddy side of things, not to mention the hit your wallet will take with big brand names standing behind every product. Purchasing custom-made products negates this, supports artists, guarantees hand-made quality with a bit of research, and adds a touch of original thoughtfulness to your gift giving venture. Luckily, as far as research goes, I've done that work for you.

Here's a gift guide to custom merchandise every gamer can enjoy, roughly arranged from least to most expensive.

Published Nov. 9th 2015
  • tobes325
    Those prints are amazing, the Zelda ones in particular I'd buy myself! The ones on old dictionary paper look super special too!

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