6 Sci-Fi Games We're Looking Forward to in 2018

Metro Exodus

Developer: 4A Games
Platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One
Release date: Q4 2018

The Metro series puts you in the shoes of post-nuclear-stricken Russian Federation citizens that survived the initial massacre by finding refuge in the subway system of Moscow. Set in the near future, the games are based on a combination of survival, stealth, and FPS mechanics.

After two games of almost exclusively closed quarters and dark rooms, Metro Exodus will take us to a more habitable part of Russia while continuing the plot of the main character, Artyom. The game's story will cover a time span of a whole year, feature weather and daily life cycles, and combine a mix of linear and sandbox levels.

The gameplay trailer, featuring the 28 Days Later soundtrackwas released in June of 2017 and can be seen below.


Published Feb. 13th 2018

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