Sega's Got Big Plans for Sonic's 30th Birthday

Sega's planning plenty of Sonic memorabilia, merchandise, and possibly a couple of new Sonic games to mark the Blue Blur's 30th birthday.

Sonic the Hedgehog turns 30 in 2021, and Sega's ready to mark the occasion with a number of memorabilia pieces. From a Dark Horse encyclopedia of everything Sonic to figures, pins, jewelry, and even energy drinks, the Blue Blur's got quite the birthday celebration in store.

Ivo Gerscovich, Chief Brand Officer for Sonic and Sega of America's Senior Vice President, said:

... to commemorate the most iconic elements of the Sonic universe, we have partnered with some of the top licensees in the industry to produce collectible Sonic the Hedgehog merchandise that our enthusiastic and loyal fans can cherish for years to come.

The Dark Horse book, dubbed the Sonic Encyclo-Speedia, covers the spunky hedgehog's entire history in full color, complete with inside information about the series' development.

Sonic, Tails, Silver, and more are getting the Funko! Pop treatment, while Jakks Pacific has new lines of Sonic action figures in the works.

IDW Publishing is releasing the first Sonic comic again with another mini-series planned alongside it.

While the Sonic 30th birthday announcement didn't mention new Sonic games as part of the celebration, Sonic fan-site TailsChannel picked up on Sega's plans for more Sonic games in an ad for the European Licensing Source Book. The ad mentions "new games" and "major announcements," bundled with merchandise and more.

Sonic's most recent games include Sonic Forces, the classic throwback Sonic Mania, Team Sonic Racing, and Sonic at the Olympic Games. 2020 did see the fast-and-fun Sonic movie release in February, and Sonic's 30th birthday seems like a fine time for Sega's mascot to race back onto the scene with a bang.

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Published Sep. 15th 2020

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