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Gaming Tattoos

We've all seen some pretty cool and some not-so-well-done gaming tattoos - even some just very poorly placed! Well I sat and went through thousands of tattoos related to gaming and picked out my favorites to share with you!

On top of that, I'll say a little something about them and why they caught my attention over any other tattoo. Come take a look at these lucky people with some amazing ink!

Gears of War 

Gears of War has been iconic in the gaming world for its raw brutality and dismal future. The series boasts three of the best first-person shooters to have appeared in a long time, and many fans want to give tribute.

While this tattoo is a simplistic black and white, does it really need to be anything different? It is just a deviation of the classic logo, but it really jumps out and appears as if it's pushing through the skin. Definitely a piece worth having!


 This iconic game has been given much attention since first launch, and for a very good reason. Really though, who wouldn't want an awesome tattoo of a badass wolf?

This tattoo is done in classic Amaterasu fashion; bright red and simple outline. But with the shading and the overall clean look of it makes this one of my personal favorite renditions.


Assassin's Creed 

Sometimes the biggest impacts on the world are made in the smallest ways you could think of. In this ode to our favorite assassination game, we see everything the original game gave us. Something simple and direct, with an underlying message bordering on cryptic.

The clean look and the sharp lettering really work together to make this tattoo a nuanced type of simple, and one of the best tribute pieces I've seen for the game.


If anything can be said about it; Halo was anything but simple - not counting the easy modes! So what better way to pay tribute to the Master Chief than with a complicated tattoo?

Everything about this piece is simply incredible; from the colors to the full picture, the artist did an absolutely amazing job. If you're thinking about your own gaming tattoo, keep a scenery piece in mind!


Kingdom Hearts

Sora has found his way into the dreams and hearts of millions of gamers with his journey through the world of Disney characters and villains. Only a tattoo that feels just as magical could possibly be worthy.

What makes this piece the best Sora piece I've seen is the shading. The lines are clean, but the color is done to look like it's watercolor. Definitely one of my favorite color pictures - let alone tattoos!

Legend of Zelda

With all the basic Triforce tattoos we see every day, I thought this artist put a nice, modern look into one of our favorite franchises.

The skin rips are pretty well done, with the shading accentuating folds and adding depth. The graffiti Link in the background is fantastic. Let alone the brick wall he's been 'painted' on! Overall this is one of the best - if not best - Legend of Zelda tattoos I have seen.


Mass Effect

I'm Commander Shepherd, and this is my favorite tattoo on the Citadel.


While there are no wrong Pokémon tattoos, this one speaks to some of our first-generation favorites. The artist used the perfect colors and the scenery all really looks like it's straight out of the Pokémon world.

A very well-done tattoo deserves recognition, and I don't know how to give this one enough - Bulbasaur all the way!


Shadow of Colossus

This monumental game brought about a story that fans still rave about to this day. With that devotion comes amazing tattoos for the rest of us to check out! What sets this piece apart from the rest is the pointilist art style - many dots make up a single image.

The artist keeps it looking clean and together while having a loose fluidity to it as well, overall a very well done piece of work. I can only imagine how much time in the chair that took!

Super Mario

While I thought it would be pretty difficult to show everything the Super Mario world had to offer, this tattoo proved me wrong. Plus it cheated my emotions with an ode to Link up near the top. Either way, it's very well done and the colors are vibrant, as they rightly should be!

I can say this style is right up my alley for my next tattoo!

Published Mar. 28th 2015

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