Clash of Clans: Tips for Getting Started

Tips on how to start out in Clash of Clans. Prepare yourself for lots and lots of waiting!

Clash of Clans is a free to play, pay to win, strategy game.  When I say pay to win, you're looking at hundreds maybe even thousands of dollars to get on par with the high end players now.  If you're cheap like me here are my suggestions to getting started.

Be Patient! Unless you're just swimming in cash and your past time is throwing out money windows, patience is the key.  Just check your clan once or twice a day.  Day by day you will see your base become stronger.  It's honestly quite a lot of fun watching the slow progression.

Conserve your gems. Upon starting and doing the tutorial you'll receive around 500 gems.  These gems are very precious and I would suggest saving them for later.  Each building takes anywhere from 10 minutes to make up to days and weeks.  Save your gems for the later.

Upgrade your town hall. Your town hall as it upgrades gives you all the options you need to expand.  For each level of your town hall the cap of how many buildings you can actually build raises.  It also unlocks more and more buildings.

Build defensive buildings. Without a good defense you will see your clan crushed every day.  Be sure to intelligently place your defenses to maximize the damage they can do.  Also never put them all next to each other.  This forces your attacker to split their troops around your town making it more difficult to destroy.  When you place your defenses next to each other as well it allows their units to just hack their way through each one in succession.

Walls, walls, and more walls.  Towards the beginning this is difficult to do, it requires around a level 4 town hall to make a full wall around your base.  Once you are able to constuct your wall you will see a huge rise in ability of your defensive towers to take out the enemy.

Decide between two play styles.  Farm or attack.  The reason you need to chose one or the other is by farming you can keep your trophies low.  Think of your trophies as you benchmark level for others to attack, therefore if your trophies are low you will only get attacked by low trophy opponents.  This allows you to farm more at low levels.  There are ways for players to get around this and farm you right back but for the most part it works.  If you'd like to be aggressive and just build and attack, go all out!

When attacking other players bases (at low levels).  Make sure to have enough units to split a group per defense.  This allows your units to take out each defense at the same time.  You may have some buildings in the way before getting to defenses so always keep that in mind when placing units.  Also keep in mind once you place a unit you never get them back regardless of them living or dying.  So you will come across many bases that would not require you dropping all of your troops.  I've lost a lot of resources on wasting my units.

If your a noob like me.  Don't expect to get anywhere far any time soon.  This game is tedious!

If you want to know everything there is to know about Clash of Clans tips. Go to PlayClashofClans youtube channel and take a look at all the information they have to offer on it.

Clash of Clans Cheats, the Mass Lie

There are lots of hacks or cheats for Clash of Clans out there but honestly, don't bother.  I feel like I've gotten viruses just for searching.  I would say 90% of them have a survey required, which means downloading a bunch of worthless crap just to never actually make it to the download of the hack.  Then the other 10% are ones without a survey, which means your downloading a virus right then and there.  Most require that you jailbreak your device, pass.  Others require you be off line which means nothing you do is saved and pointless.  They are all going to claim it works but the developers are the constant prowl for patch fixes and banning those who do succeed.

Master O' Bugs

Hi everyone! I'm Brian Schaaf, keeper of bug reports and calmer of the GameSkinnians! I also play too many games. Lets play something, betcha I'll win.

Published Aug. 20th 2017
  • Jennifer_5671
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  • tronburger
    This is a decent attempt to describe the beginning stages of Clash. As a veteran, I would also implore any new beginner to NOT rush their Town Hall level. Upgrade all troop abilities, storages and collectors and ensure that your defenses are maxed (buildings and walls) before clicking the button to go to the next Town Hall. Yes, the TH provides the new goodies at each new level, but if you rush ahead without upgrading properly, you will be worthless and get whacked by active players.
  • Elijah Beahm
    Featured Columnist
    Which begs the question -- why bother playing? There are far nicer, less vindictive games to play.
  • Ryan Lehn
    I had to spend 250 gems to buy a builders hut.
  • John_2007
    I think that since the idea of have town hall 11 is coming out and it is getting hard to fit every thing were you want have a bigger biuld area is awesome
  • Chai Chien Liang
    Best tip for me when I play is to save gems and build builder huts, having more builders goes a long way to progressing your buildings!
  • mohammad_8919
  • TheGreenCrayon
    Why'd you write clan, instead of base/village? It confused me, and must have confused other readers during the beginning parts of your article. :3

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